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Tide Pool in Abalone Cove Shoreline 9/8/2013

Abalone Cove Shoreline Park:

California Tide Predication Information

Abalone cove shoreline park has very beautiful tide pools. We went there again last Sunday. Kids really love it. We have been there several times. Be sure to check the tide prediction using the above website before you go. Try to arrive there when the tides are in the lowest point, you will be able to see tons of sea stars, sea hare and a lot of other sea creatures.


The park closed at 4:00PM. If you arrived later than that, you will have to park outside. There is a trail from the parking lot to the beach. It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk to the beach.

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2013 Labor Day Trip – Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP

Destination: Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

Date: 8/31/2013 – 9/2/2013

Camp: Hume Lake Campground Site 030

8/31: First time to travel with our new van. We were surprised how much stuff it can hold. We put everything we need and it was still only about 2/3 full. With 2 kids it is hard to leave early, we left at about 10:00am, stopped at Bakersfield Jack in the box for lunch. Finally arrived at campsite at 4:00pm.

We setup tent and kids start to play around. They got so excited. My daughter found a piece of board in the campsite and made a seesaw by herself. We love this campsite so much. This site is the nearest to the lake in the whole campground. It only takes about 1-2 minutes to walk to the lake. So we can avoid the crowded lake parking lot.

Hume Lake





When it gets dark, we went back to campsite to have dinner. The night was amazingly warm. It rained a little bit at night.



Early in the morning, we went to sandy cove. The lake was amazingly beautiful in the morning. It is like a mirror. There were already some people start fishing.


General Sherman Tree (the largest tree in the world)


After got the stamp for kid’s NP passport, we went back to campsite to have lunch and even took a nap. In the afternoon, we went to Christian camp in the other site of the lake. We wanted to rent a boat, but unfortunately they no longer rent to 4 person boat. And we do not want to split. Next time, if we have chance to come again, we will definitely bring our own boat. The ice cream in Christian camp shop tastes great.


We went to sandy cove again, daddy fishing and kids play with sand.




Almost everyone was  preparing to leave. We got up early and go to the lake for about an hour. Daddy almost got a fish.


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